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About Us

As Octavia Butler once said, In order to rise from its own ashes a phoenix first must burn. It was a difficult time when I was at college as the textbooks I needed then as support and references were very expansive, but as someone who is looking for cheaper alternative solutions, I managed to get a bunch of books, but not all of them as E-books and collected them over the years. From this Ash, this website was born as a phoenix. As college graduates' friends, we decided to collect as many useful books in different fields as we can and share them with anyone in need at a cheaper price that you cannot find elsewhere. We have contacted many many publishers and original authors to make this website reliable and could be used without any restrictions from the original authors. The books could be downloaded mostly in ePub or PDF format, so they could be used easily, on smart-phone, ebook readers, computers, or even tablets!
We are pleased that we could help over 1000 students ( yet still) in the meantime.

We do appreciate your time in taking this journey with us.

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